Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blown Away

It's been blustery in Wyoming the past couple of days. By blustery, I mean gale force winds have been ripping across the state.

As I drove north from Colorado yesterday, Pascal and Betsy were driving south. We met up at the Split Rock turnout and flew a kite together until the strings snapped and Otter got blown over.

Keeping with that theme, a few weeks back Annie and Jared blew me away by asking if I'd babysit their steel blue sedan until they move back to Landertown.

I picked her up today...

I think her name is Penelope. She's a beauty and runs like a champ! No power steering meant that after a workout with Steve I was plotting my way home to include the minimum amount of turns possible, but my biceps are going to be tremendous! My favorite thing? Volvo's whole lock-the-driver's-door-and-you-lock-all-the-doors thing. THE bomb.

In other news: I'm hosed. Beautiful lilies arrived via UPS truck today. See #1
from that silly Facebook fad of yesteryear.

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