Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Mother's Prayer

May our child be curious, kind and courageous. 


May our child have a gift for connection and a cellular knowledge of love.


May our child be resilient and creative.


May our child have a deep capacity for joy and wonder. 


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our Rat-Bastard President

Wow. Just wow.

As BrenĂ© Brown commented, "Our collective story in the United States is a story of white supremacy. We have not owned it, so it owns and defines us. Because we have not had the courage to say this is true and this is where we come from, we are trapped in the pain and discomfort of living out that story without the power to rewrite its ending. If we don't acknowledge our privilege, our unearned access and authority, we don't acknowledge the pain of others. We all see the world through a lens that is soldered to our faces, but if we are white we are told repeatedly that our view is the accurate view of the world. Empathy is believing someone when they tell you the story of their experience, even if it is different from your own. Power is the ability to affect change. It is infinite. Power over, however, is finite. It disempowers others and is always threatened with extinction. We cannot afford to opt out of this conversation about white supremacy in the United States and continue dehumanizing one another. It is terribly dangerous to let our shame, discomfort, and imperfection keep us from engaging in braver conversations. We must hold ourselves accountable. We need to listen to each other and stop being so hurtful when people are trying. And as we fight for ownership of our nation's story, we must fortify ourselves with care by tending to needs such as belonging, sleep and joy." 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Lives shaped by trauma and the poetry of language...

Both raw in their truth.

Both raw in their power.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Literal Bow Drop

Simplemente mi jam.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


This meditative piece on the value of sleep and silence struck a spiritual chord for me.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Obituaries For The Ladies

I laughed out loud at these imagined obituaries for a daughter living on the Left Coast and teenaged girls in general.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


In approaching parenting, Evan and I are trying for a light touch: aiming to honor the maxim "rules are for fools" while developing some reference points for ourselves as we navigate this new terrain. 

Here is what we've come up with so far...

no fetal alcohol syndrome

The idea is to listen to my body and side step our culture's should/should not stress around pregnancy while using common sense to avoid big consequences. Eat healthy more often than not. Exercise more often than not. Those two seem reasonable. The hardest part for me thus far has been staying hydrated.

no parent left behind

Neither of us want to make a go of this adventure alone. So I will try not to die in childbirth and pay more attention behind the wheel while Evan applies newly conservative risk management in the wilds, walking rapids he might otherwise have run. 

parent like it's 40,000 BC

What were the basics back then? Raise kids outside and in community. Be active and rest. Give children a functional role in the tribe. Over the span of human history, most parents got by without Baby Bjorn and Sophie the Giraffe so we probably can too.