Sunday, August 4, 2013

Middle Aged And Excessively Boasting

"[Student who shall not be named] is TOTALLY heartthrob material when it comes to middle aged women. Right, Anna?" So asks one of my seventeen year old students on this last field course.

Right as rain on both counts. 

Turns out a good human is an attractive human to women in their middle years. Turns out I am one of those women. Despite the enduring acne, thirty six makes it kind of official-- I am no longer on the side lines of middle age, but a player on the field.

Not a problem. Just realizing I need to adjust my self image to keep up with the times. 

As per usual, my birthday was spent in the mountains. This time it fell amidst thunder, lightning and hail-- simply the best when you're warm and dry in a tent with hot drink in hand. 

Coming out of the mountains, I was greeted by messages from my expanding family... 

This is the family I was born into. Since my parents have been divorced for awhile now, it means a lot to me to see these four together like this. I am not sure why they're all orange in these shots, but they are. And I still love them so much.  

This photo was waiting for me as well:

I got to see this man FOUR times in the field. Say what?! I know. FOUR TIMES! It was a birthday miracle. And at home? A clean house filled with hidden notes (all of which I think I found in the first hour). Evan knows me well. The thought of sharing the rest of my life with this guy leaves me overwhelmed with gratitude, joy, you name it-- if it's good, it's true. 
But wait, there's more! The text and voice messages. If I knew how to post them I would, just so you could hear Pearle and Livia singing if nothing else.

My heart runneth over. 

So, thirty six? Well worth the grey hairs so far.