Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Am But A Delicate Flower

(click on pic for Tibetan singing bowl)

Meet my metaphor du jour:

When I lose my shit (that's the delicate flower part) it's like capsizing in a river kayak.

I am trying to learn how to roll.

The way I see it, there are a handful of possible outcomes as I practice:

a) I roll up on my own. Go me.

b) I wet exit, loose my paddle and boat, swim and eventually get flushed into an eddy.

c) I try my roll, don't get it, tap on my hull three times and get an assist from another boat's bow.

d) I try my roll, wet exit, hang onto my paddle and boat and self-rescue.

e) I try my roll, wet exit, hang on to my paddle and boat and get towed to shore.

f) I wet exit, get swept into an undercut rock and die. Worst case scenario.

g) I try my roll, wet exit, someone grabs my boat and paddle, and another boat tows me to shore.

h) I try my roll, swim and someone throws me a rope from shore. I catch it and pendulum to shore.

I could go on...

What's apparent to me is that -any way you slice it- PFDs and good company are clutch when navigating the steep part of a learning curve!

And if you're a true boater wondering whether we're talking about a combat or flat water roll here...

I don't know. My metaphor's a bit muddled on that point.

This is no pool practice though and I'm definitely not trying for an off-side or hand roll.

Not yet, at least.

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