Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey, Hermano...

If you don't get the reference, click here for your viewing pleasure. Buster slays me, God love him.

Well, then.

I have two brothers. The one on the right is named Michael. He's three years younger than me.

Although we lead our lives in very different places, I am always (seriously, ALWAYS) running into people who know and love the guy... so I get a lot of opportunities to say, "Yeah, I'm Mike's sister."

And EVERY TIME I feel like a rock star by association. Because Mike generally kicks ass and takes names and I'm lucky enough to share genetic material with him.

Case in point:

He just posted the story of his relationship with money on the Resource Generation blog. I salute the bravery it took to talk candidly about the tough subject of personal wealth. Side note: You'll notice I'm wearing a splatter-painted swimsuit in the accompanying photo. Quite the fashionista.

Did I mention he's the co-director of that cool organization (by cool I mean that it's been featured on the pages of People Magazine --the only tangible source of information about the outside world in my life-- and empowers financially rich, young people to become social change philanthropists)?

Well, he is.

He's also fierce.

Look at that game face! Mike's the anomalous straight guy on a gay rugby team called the Seattle Quake-- a fact that I love. He is Mr. April in their 2011 promotional calendar (I want to give a signed copy to NOLS' Brotherhood of the Wrench to hang in their office). Mike's got tenacity and courage both on and off the pitch.

Yet such a lover.

Mike has always attracted people to him like moths to a flame (except for the self-immolation part) because of his generous, open heart. He's all compassion (until he's not).

And a shitton of fun.

This is one of my favorite pictures-- it was taken at Mahea and Alea's wedding. That's him and Kawika, Mahea's brother, cutting the cake. He was SO stoked. Mike has always been able to make me laugh harder than just about anyone else on earth-- that's probably the greatest gift he's given me over the years.

Bottom line? He makes me proud. All the time.

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  1. At some point you need to hear Chris Agnew's rendition of "Hey, Brother..." It's spot on.