Monday, April 16, 2012

We Are The 1%

With Annie and Abby both in their first trimesters, it's felt to me like the WHOLE WORLD is preggers! So, given this rash of fertility and the amount of time I've spent window shopping online lately for stuff like this and this and this and this, it didn't seem all that far-fetched when blood tests confirmed I'd followed their lead. Sympathy hormones? It appears my IUD fell asleep on the job.

In any case, I am now in the process of a) having a miscarriage b) having an ectopic pregnancy or c) developing a child in my uterus. Bleeding over the past few weeks points heavily towards one of the first two options. The good news is that --while it's felt like the longest period on record-- this bleeding hasn't been accompanied by too much pain and I actually feel pretty darn healthy. Supposedly a week more of blood tests and monitoring will tell us whether Blammo (as we've taken to calling the tyke) is fixing to revolutionize our lives or not.

The immediate gift of this whole thing has been a sense of calm and acceptance. To have illustrated so clearly that I am not in the driver's seat (as my continual delusions of grandeur would have me believe) is a huge relief.

Don't get me wrong-- butterflies are definitely in effect for both Evan and I, but ultimately we feel comfortable stepping up to the plate together. So far 2012 has been a process of getting on our grown-up pants, as Evan puts it: going in on the house together, drawing up wills and medical directives, etc. We didn't expect to be navigating a pregnancy as well, but --hey-- life's got an ironic sense of humor.

In other news, Jen asked Liz to marry her atop a backcountry ski slope in Canada. They report there was some initial confusion about whether or not this was the real deal, but once those details were ironed out there was much teary rejoicing.

Just as it took some time and practice before Jen could put voice to her life's motto of a few years back ("It's all about me!"), letting folks know about her newly-engaged status has been a bit of a struggle... so I petitioned for permission to share the news on Lander's social ticker tape:

Besides being home to the infamous cheesewheel, Dairyland hosts local messages on their marquee for ten dollars a pop-- four lines, thirteen spaces each. "Happy Armageddon Day!" and "R.I.P. Pappy Sloan!" have been some of my favorites. Ironically, I considered putting up "Twinkie, I'm pregnant!" as a joke a few years ago.

Being that Wyoming is still learning to live up to it's name (the Equality State), I asked the man behind the counter if he was comfortable celebrating a lesbian engagement on the sign (it didn't occur to me to add that Liz is a foreigner to boot). Imagine my surprise when he pulled a rainbow pride necklace out from under his t-shirt and grinned at me in response!

It was a welcome reminder that Jen and Liz inspire love and magic everywhere and in everyone. It's their superhero power.

So there you have it, folks! The moral of the story (at least for now):

Love and magic make the impossible (or statistically improbable) possible.

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