Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I ♥ Miranda July

Yup. Totally starstruck.

I mean how does she do it? Be an original like that?

Years ago, Hovey introduced me to a short story collection of hers that I thought was wonderfully written-- full of humor and pathos.

Then [insert a lot of time passing in which Miranda July never came up], this past week I had a revelation...

I can now start running around 6:30 pm and the light and the temperature are just lovely (that was the revelation). Biking home from one of these jaunts the other night, I was invited by some friends to join their impromptu front porch gathering. Over lasagna and wine, Emily recommended the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know.

As I trust her taste, I lost no time. Watching it on Netflix from under a mountain of down quilts and comforters when I got home, I thought it was a beautiful oddbird of a movie. Curious as to why it also seemed vaguely familiar, I googled it and found out that Miranda July not only directed, but starred in the film.


Continuing my investigation, I discovered that she typically looks fragile and dresses herself beautifully in online photos. She grew up in the East Bay. She's married to the director of The Beginners. All that and she seems to be a fairly courageous artist.

In a word? Crushworthy.

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