Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rathke's Tiny House

It's a compelling thought.. .

Step One: Rathke buys a house on wheels (this one).

Step Two: Jared builds it.

Step Three: We move it into the backyard.

Step Four: We plant fruit trees around it.

Step Five: Everybody lives happily ever after.

I find Tumbleweed's emphasis on quality over quantity refreshing.


  1. I'm not supposed to let my heart covet but boy oh boy, I covet this little house on wheels...

  2. I think that would be perfect for me, too ... but it is missing one very important thing ... a washer and a dryer! :-( I've recently had to downsize to an attic apartment. After 15 years of laundry in the house, it's just SAD to have to do the laundromat thing again.

    Hmmm ... maybe you could make a laundry room in the back of a pickup? That would be interesting ...