Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ballet For Boys

One of the most memorable performances I have seen was an all male version of Swan Lake in New York City, sometime in the nineties. The physicality of the dancers transformed that familiar story and score for me, rerooting both in nature.

In an otherwise serious show, I love the playfulness with which Matthew Bourne, the choreographer, captures the persnickety awkwardness of swans in this segment:

So anyways, IT'S BACK! The pretentiously titled "Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake" is back. Catch it if you can.

Another performance that sticks out for me from that time in my life was watching this couple do a vertical tango in a small theater in San Francisco. Their athleticism is also impressive:

Silly multiple camera angles. Silly Swiss audience. But DANG those two can move through space!

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