Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New Job

...means that I have an office to decorate.

These folks capture my aesthetic on the job.

Organized stimulus...

Vintage texture...

Educational color.

I am a materialist at heart so I am loath to take on a new venture without the proper supplies.

Hence the importance of Field Notes.

I'll never walk into the Winds again without a Wyoming County Fair edition in my backpack.

Then there's ambiance to consider. That takes sound. I'm a traditionalist in this department and opt for NPR. What can I say? Listening to Terry Gross makes me feel smarter.

Also on my list of office indispensables are the mysteriously named "sherpa" which I found deep in the NOLS Big House supply catalog, right next to the Windex.

I am obsessed to the point of financial insolvency. I'm going to have to throw a bake sale or five to pay for my cubicle's sherpa collection. But they are so satisfying to flip from side to side. You have no idea.

Or maybe you do. Maybe you're this way too.

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