Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sam's News

Here I am last Sunday, atop the St. John's Bridge, biking with my friend, Clemmy, out to the farmland and beaches of Sauvie Island, just north of PDX. Apparently, this bridge was a proof of concept for the suspension used in the Golden Gate Bridge-- I like it better for its whimsical lamps and needle tops though. By the end of the day, my thighs were pure fire and jello. It felt great.

In other news, I'm...
  • Living in a big, cooperative pink house and working at OHSU through June.
  • Blasting off to Europe sometime soon after that.
  • Still gluten-free. Still sugar and dairy moderate. Still full of healthful foods. Still aching to crunch into an glutinous cone of dark chocolate ice cream.
  • Devouring a book of funny moments with the zen teacher, Shunryu Suzuki, as told by his students.
  • Tending your room in my heart.
Thinking of you! I'm hoping to be in touch soon :)

Love love love, Sam

Could my littlest brother BE more tender and sweet?! I think not. Can you believe he was a porker of a baby?! Mind-boggling, I know. Can you tell he tans like an Italian?! Oh, the jealousy.

Other facts you may not be aware of:

1) Sam's favorite color was pink for years (LOVE that). 2) Sam is way smarter than me (although --let's be fair-- wisdom still manages to outfox him sometimes). 3) Sam's middle initials are H. N. because my grandmother insisted my parents follow Jewish tradition and name him after her husband who had just died, but nobody could stomach "Harold Neil" so the compromise ended up being the initials (families can be downright silly). 4) Sam is still attempting to collect damages on an alleged incident where I hung him out of a second story window (I maintain my innocence based on the fact that I did not intend to drop him and was in complete control of his feet at the time). 5) Sam has had to suffer through having his older sister (that'd be me) as a teacher in preschool AND high school (health class, no less!). 6) Sam's in his twenties and right on track-- struggling and winning in equal measure, finding his own strength amidst the storm. "Bravely done," as the beer cap says.

From one human being to another:
I love you and I'm proud.

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