Monday, June 20, 2011

The Call of The Karakorum

The three white guys above are in Pakistan right now to climb the gorgeous west face of the monolith below:

The climbing they're doing? I'm impressed. The cultural and geographical exploration they're doing? I'm REALLY jealous.

Lucky for me, these three musketeers (soon to be joined by a fourth) are wonderful observers and diligent scribes so I can live vicariously through their blog until I get an opportunity to experience that part of the world for myself. Inshallah I will one day.

Incidentally, look for the comments by their moms on the blog-- they nearly steal the show in my opinion. Evan considered joining this expedition at one point and reading their moms' send-offs (so full of well-wishing and proud love) made me think of Jacque. His mom, like theirs, has many years of practice watching her son go off and risk his life to do what feeds his soul. Ultimately as a parent there must be a point when you decide that you want your child to thrive rather than simply survive. Inshallah these sons will do both.
They certainly have thus far.

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