Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rise Up

The Equality State ranks 49th in the United States when it comes to the wage gap (Louisiana gets the distinction of coming in dead last)... 

In Fremont County, where I live, women make an average of 67 cents on the dollar compared to men (the national average is around 80 cents on the dollar). And according to a recent study, it will take Wyoming 136 years to equalize pay at the rate we're going.

I am all for following Iceland's lead and rallying women in Lander to walk out 67% of the way through the work day. 


Because I refuse to imply my consent through inaction or silence on the subject. 

This shit is ridiculous. And it gets even worse if you are a black or hispanic woman...

Not surprisingly, education and reproductive rights help women address this injustice in tangible and measurable ways.

A woman who has obtained an advanced degree makes on average 20 cents more on the dollar, compared to men, than a women who is unable to graduate high school or attend college. 

Women who carry unwanted pregnancies to term rather than have an abortion have three times greater odds of ending up below the federal poverty line two years later. One in seven women in the United States already live in poverty, with one in four women of color trying to make ends meet below the poverty line.

This ought to be a shared (and catalyzing) heartbreak. 

I would love to see women become a celebrated and valued part of the American workforce in my lifetime.

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