Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Connective Tissue

There's an idea in China that we are linked by a red silk thread from birth to all the people who will touch our lives. 

Especially when I was younger, although it still holds true for me to some extent today, I have always had one girlfriend among my nearest and dearest with whom I was closest. Although many different people have filled that role in my life over the years, it was only recently that I realized how strong the commonalities have been between them. 

They have all been artists. They have all made me laugh and laugh with their humor. They have all been emotionally intuitive and perhaps known me better than I knew myself. 

That first part about being artists is what struck me... 

I remember putting on innumerable plays with Hillary. She is now an actress living in Paris. I remember designing countless outfits with Fiona. She is now a fashion designer in New York City. I remember creating fantastical creatures and imaginary worlds with Emily. She has a MFA now and creates mythical animals and landscapes in Montreal. 

The pattern continues on and on-- cooks, musicians, gardeners, writers.

What a precious wonder that each has become as an adult what we played at as children. As ever, I am in awe of the courage and vulnerability it takes to create for a living. 

It gladdens my heart to think of these old friends scattered to the winds plying trades that are in alignment with their abiding passions. 

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