Friday, April 8, 2011

Confessions Of A Sugar Addict

...Oh, and processed grains addict too!

I'm on a diet for the first time in my life. Week Three kicked off yesterday. This is a pretty big deal for me.


Cut the ties that bind when it comes to sugars and grains.

Cultivate healthier dietary habits.

Loose some winter weight so I am lithe and agile.

Have fun learning new things.

Explore the culinary world and learn to cook delicious food.


Behold the pyramid...

I get one day off a week to eat whatever I want.

I weigh myself every week and measure the circumference of body parts I'd like to get leaner and meaner.

Brain Trust:

Steve (human-nature savant and fitness guru) and Steve (medical-man extraordinaire who monitors my blood stats to make sure I'm on track).


Proteins and veggies with every meal is revelatory-- energy boosting and appetite suppressing.

I now eat breakfast every day (never done that before).

I lost five pounds in the last two weeks.

I literally dream about eating deserts and crusty breads.

Withdrawal after a day-off binge leaves me anxious and depressed.

I no longer spend my quarters at the HQ vending machine.

I'm still in.


Forbidden-food porn from What Katie Ate and Design Sponge.


  1. I have been embarking on this weight battle too...
    I have been having dreams about Nutterbutters and pies...
    but my bod feels gooooodddddd.
    :) lets hang in there together. We are babes...lets just admit that out front and simple....we are just sculpting..
    Love you.
    Your avid reader M.


    They were out on the table during the Branch Directors' Forum and the sight and smell of them whittled away at my heart.

    That said, I agree. We're babes sculpting for health.

    Love you, Mei.