Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chevrolet And The Words, "I Do."

I wish, I wish, I wish I was cool enough to have taken photos of Willy Cunningham's 1991 Chevy 4X4 one-ton crew cab crammed full of sofas (yes, that's plural), countertops, windows, light fixtures, and all manner of other accoutrement as we swayed down I-80... but I wasn't. To give you a sense, it looked a bit like this:

That truck is a champion-- she was doing 70mph with a monstrous load like it weren't no thing. Suffice it to say that Curtis and I took Salt Lake City by storm (so much so that my credit card company suspected foul play).

So now El Coucho resides comfortably in the dining room, Evan's gear resides comfortably in the living room, and I reside comfortably in the seventeen dollar dress I scored at Target for wedding season. Retail therapy is JUST. SO. GOOD.

But back to wedding season...

Chris and Heather's was a moving example of a community coming together to celebrate, love, and support a lifetime commitment. Some of my favorite moments:

1) Carolina looking stunning in a dress. Fact. Carolina wore a dress. And looked stunning. Ximena did a bang up job on production.

2) Mei was in town to take pictures. That alone was enough to make my heart explode with happiness. And she wields a camera like a pair of titanium nunchucks.

(That's Evan doing traffic control in his grandfather's tux pants.)

3) Heather's father. Period. The toasts slayed me.

4) Brad and Katie's slideshow commemorating Chris and Heather's fourteen? sixteen? years together. Holy history!

5) Getting to see Keena again after so many years.

6) The sheer concentration of wonderful people was epic.

On a side note...

Have you gotten
a wedding gift yet?

If not, you are cordially invited to join me in buying them a chain saw. Stoddard will be selecting said item of arboreal destruction as I know nothing about the species. Any and all donations are welcome.

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