Friday, July 23, 2010

The Tempering Influence Of Nature

"In short, it was glorious, beyond the contriving of nature or art alone, but possible only when they join forces, as happens when nature gives a final touch to man's accumulated and frequently senseless labour, lightening the heavy masses, eliminating a crudely-felt symmetry and man's unimaginative elaboration of it, through which peeps an undisguisedly naked design, nature imbuing with a miraculous warmth everything that was created in the cold light of calculated purity and precision."
-- Nikolai Gogol

A long sentence, to be sure, but good words to remember as I head into the field again (until August 18th) and even finer words to describe the art of Marlana Stoddard-Hayes who works by capturing the leavings of mushroom spores and Laura Gurton who finds her inspiration on a cellular level.

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