Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Winded In At Three Peaks

Busy delivering wedding rings to these two (my idea not theirs):

So I get to see this one (oh, the joy):

Who is a NATURAL BORN KILLER (do not be deceived)!

Goose proudly arrived at the ranch house door last night with a deer leg in her mouth that still had blood running down the bone and glistening tendons attached. Sadly, technical difficulties are preventing me from uploading a video of her hunting squirrel. Trust me when I say it's majestic.

This morning we awoke to a howling wind that has us hunkering in fear for our lives. Mercy.

These three mustangs are weathering the storm in the pasture without complaint-- beautiful creatures that were captured off BLM land on the Red Desert and adopted from the Honor Farm's Inmate/Wild-Horse Program.

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