Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Do You Act Like When You're Stressed?

That's what Evan asked me on the phone while I feasted alone on asparagus soup at the Middle Fork. I laughed and said he'd know better than anyone. Then I turned the question on him to buy some time...

When stressed on a fundamental level, Evan felt he acts like a snow leopard-- seldom seen, but at times a blur of teeth, fur and muscle going in for the kill. 

When stressed on a superficial level, Evan described himself as a herd dog-- running in a million directions, nipping at heels, working hard to do a good job, feeling responsible for the safety and movement of the flock.

I still hadn't come up with an answer for myself, so Evan prompted me...

A beaver?

Yeah, I could see that.

Initially, I'll be task focused-- gnawing on everything in sight, downing trees, tunnel visioned and industrious. 

If that frenzy of activity doesn't alleviate the stress, I end up having a meltdown and with a slap of my tail I'll dive into the water, retreating for the safety of my lodge.

Evan followed up with...

What do you need when you're stressed?

At its most basic, my answer was, "You."

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