Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ice, Semis And Wind... Oh, My!

Evan and I got back to Lander in time to go to bed (nursing colds) well before folks here ring in 2012.

We have been in Colorado celebrating a friend's wedding, which was beautiful despite the cold temperatures, snow flurries and high winds that characterized our travels. Coming home, I was white-knuckled behind the wheel as we ran a gauntlet of overturned semi-trucks (eight in all) along the I-80 corridor near Elk Mountain. Although it's wicked cold now, it turns out we missed some exquisitely warm days while we were away-- the snow median that was at least three feet tall on Amoretti Street before we left has melted away to a strip of ice.

Our town will celebrate the turning of the year buried under ice flows.

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