Monday, August 15, 2011

Lapland Blessings

One... a healthy body that enjoyed hiking 9 km down from Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge for the fifth and final time this season.

Two... seeing the full moon rise.

Three... my tiny room tucked up under the eaves.

Four... the free reign that Robin and Josephine enjoy when creating exquisite food in the hut's kitchen.

Five... reading a book at leisure in an old wooden armchair by the fireplace.

Six... delightful conversation with a poised eight year old from Milan and her eccentric Swedish grandfather in the hut's sauna.

Seven... skies brushed clear by wind.

Eight... the company of a lively and insightful group of Norwegian women in their fifties, our elbows on the table as we emptied bottle after bottle of wine and discussed everything from reclaiming aprons to cultural tells and bra-less basketball.

Nine... herding reindeer to the songs of Katy Perry.

Ten... picking cloudberries and drinking directly from streams.

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