Monday, January 31, 2011

Reasons To Love Mr. D's

1. The Johnsons playing live in the meat department.

73. Naan.

12. Teriyaki-flavored rice thins.

109. The homemade Wheel of Fortune featured during the holidays. Evan won four rolls of toilet paper, Gatorade, paper towels and a Skor bar in as many spins!

368. Marco Polo cheese.

2. It's locally owned and not part of a chain.

98. You can read Thanksgiving Day hand turkeys while waiting in line for the bathroom. Made from different colored crate paper, kids wrote what they're grateful for on them. One just said, "Anna" and while I know they didn't mean me, it still gave me a warm and fluttery feeling. Thankfully that feeling was not in my bladder, which I was holding at the time.

56. Agave nectar.

114. It's closer to our house than Safeway by one block.

78. Wasabi paste.


  1. I LOVE YOU. D and I are cracking up at this blog. love it.

  2. 4. Buy beer and food at the same time.