Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope you're sitting down.

What's the theory here? Kill the bull with the sheer hotness of the matador? Is that legal in Spain?

While we're on the topic of sexy things...

I could not be feeling more unsexy right now (this cold has me looking like a pimply Rudolf the Red-Nosed Raindeer, only plumper). One of these days, though, I'd like to splurge on a nice bra. It will have to be a day when spending close to $100 on very little fabric seems o.k.

Not today.

What I splurged on today (after much haranguing on the part of friends) was a neti pot. I am scared of the thing (a nasal enema doesn't sound pleasant), but desperate. My fingers and toes are crossed that my nasal passages are about to undergo a revolution in health.

And the verdict is...

I'm a believer.

The neti pot has joined the ranks of Harry Potter, lasik surgery, roller luggage, camelbacks, IUDs, trekking poles, and menstrual cups-- all things I once dismissed out of hand and now actively champion. Really?! Really.

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